Workshops during the Be Inspired Virtual Conference

On June 7 and 9 we are running a host of inspiring online interactive events to get involved in. Please note you will be contacted in advance by email if you are eligible to attend. See below for more details:

June 7: The Be Inspired D&I Hackathon

In this virtual workshop, aimed at D&I professionals, HR experts and business leaders, we are going to ‘hack’ the world of diversity and inclusion.

Expect insight, creativity and most importantly, tangible actions (‘a hack’) to take back to your workplace. You will leave with a three point plan on how to achieve inclusivity and understand the humans behind your employees.


Welcome and introduction



The lived experiences of our colleagues are so nuanced, so how do we achieve true inclusivity?

Speaker: Michael Hayato Vela, CEO and co-founder, Aequip


The Hack

Participants are split off into 3 groups to discuss and suggest solutions.

Group one: Inclusivity often requires a change in company culture. How do you do this?
This discussion will focus on successes and pitfalls you have found with influencing company culture

Group two: What are the ways to support underrepresented communities within your workplace in an inclusive way without marginalising them further?
This discussion will focus on creating networking groups, sponsors and forums - what works and what doesn’t

Group three: What do colleagues need to see from their leaders to believe they truly stand by inclusivity?
This discussion will focus on getting real buy-in from stakeholders and ensuring they are not simply paying lip service


Group comes back together and nominated leads share ideas for discussion - 10 mins on each topic


Retail Week chair sums up the ‘hack’. This will involve a three point plan centered around:

  • Culture
  • Groups
  • Leadership buy-in



June 9: The Be Inspired Senior Leadership Academy workshop, run in association with retailTRUST

Join us for another thought-provoking workshop as part of the Senior Leadership Academy programme. This time we will be joined by expert speakers from retailTRUST who will share their knowledge and offer up a blueprint for guiding your team through change.

Please note: this workshop is for those already on the Be Inspired Senior Leadership Academy programme. If your business would like to get involved, please contact Paul Stewart.

12.00 - 1.30pm

Dealing with uncertainty and bringing your team through challenges

Since the first lockdown happened in March 2020, the world of work has changed beyond recognition. As things start resembling the normality we recognise from pre-pandemic times, how do you keep your team on board and ensure we don't just go back to 'business as usual' but take the best of both worlds into the new?

In this session, in collaboration with retailTRUST, we will look at:

  • What needs to be front of mind when navigating a period of change
  • How to motivate your team when uncertainty is still rife
  • How to acknowledge vulnerability within your colleagues and yourself
  • Ensuring an open dialogue around mental health when people might be fearful of losing their jobs

Cliff Lee, head of wellbeing services, retailTRUST
Alexandra Clegg, wellbeing trainer, retailTRUST
Andrea Woodside, training lead, retailTRUST


June 9: Speed Mentoring

Our speed mentors are back for another year and will be ready and waiting to share their insightful knowledge and advice.

These short mentoring sessions are available only to attendees from our retail partners. You will be contacted if you are eligible to attend. If you would like your business to partner with us, please get in touch with Paul Stewart.

2pm - 4pm

Speed Mentoring

host of Be Inspired ambassadors and other retail leaders for 10 minutes of one on one mentoring. Participants will be matched up in advance and have a short period of time to video chat with our experts who will be ready to answer any burning career questions put to them.

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